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Porsche 962C-107

Competition Group: C and GTP

Constructed For: Brun Motorsport

Ownership History: Brun Motorsport (1985), Shelton (1987), Jackson (2000), Rapp (2001), Jackson (2002), Minkin (2003)

Competition Highlights: several podium finishes during both Group C and lengthy IMSA history

Chassis Notes: damaged at LeMans and replaced by a new car constructed from salvaged 962C-107 parts and a new chassis 962C-117. The 962C-107 chassis subsequently restored by Chapman (left front) and rebuilt by Brun using components specific to IMSA competition including the required air-cooled single turbo engine. Porsche then re-designated the chassis in its IMSA GTP configuration as 962-107 (dropping the 'C').

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962-107 in IMSA Competition at Daytona




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