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Porsche 962-107::

Rare Group C and IMSA GTP Competitor

One of the most striking cars ever to compete, 962-107 began its life as 962C-107 competing in the world sportscar championship with the Brun team. The car scored a podium finish at Mugello in its first outing.

After a crash at LeMans in 1985, the chassis was repaired and the car rebuilt to IMSA specifications (which required an air-cooled single turbo engine and other changes). Prior to shipment to the US, Porsche re-designated the car 962-107.

In 2000, 962-107 was meticulously restored to its original IMSA livery. The car was also mechanically updated with modern Brembo brakes, a fresh Garrett turbocharger, and rebuilt 3.2 liter engine (9/12/02).

The car has been lightly used since and is in flawless mechanical and cosmetic condition.

962-107 Competition History (highlights):

1985 1000km Mugello, Bellof / Boutsen, #19, 3rd
1985 1000km Silverstone, Boutsen / Brun, #19, 10th
1985 LeMans 24, Brun / Theys, Gouhier, #19, DNF

1986 Miami 3 hrs, Larrauri / Sigala, #3, 7th
1986 Watkins Glen 6 hrs, Larrauri / Moretti, #3, 2nd

1986 500km Mid Ohio, Larrauri / Sigala, #3, 8th
1986 Palm Beach 3 hrs, Larrauri / Moretti, #3, 6th

1986 500 mi Watkins Glen, Larrauri / Moretti, #3, 2nd
1987 500 mi Road Atlanta, Shelton / Shelton, #62, 3rd

Technical Specifications:

Chassis: Bonded and riveted aluminum monocoque. Composite Kevlar body panels.
Engine: 3.2 litre, air cooled cylinders and heads, six cylinder boxer. Two valves per cylinder. Single turbocharger. Over 750 bhp.
Transmission: Fully synchronized 5 speeds plus reverse.
Brakes: Brembo vented dual circuit discs with dual calipers.
Dimensions: Length – 193.0”, Width 78.7”, Height – 39.2”, Wheelbase – 108.3”
Performance: Top Speed – over 220 miles per hour.

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