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Porsche 962C-111

Competition Group: C

Constructed For: Nova/Trust Engineering

Ownership History: Nova/Trust Engineering(1985), Symbolic Motors, Scaife, Barasso (2002)

Competition Highlights: 9 wins in the Japanese Sports Car Championship

Chassis Notes: after purchase in 2002, restored by Kelly-Moss Motorsports in Madison, WI. The tub of the car has been completely polished. All suspension components were removed, stripped and refinished. The cross members and the uprights were x-rayed and magnafluxed to insure reliability and safety. The interior of the car was also refinished. The car has not been run since reassembly (as of 3/04).

Race Wins
1985 Fuji 500 mi. June 3
Suzuka 1,000 km August 25
Fuji 500 km November 24
1986 Suzuka 500 km April 6
Fuji 1,000 km May 4
Fuji 500 mi. July 20
Suzuka 1,000 km August 24
Fuji 500 km November 23
1987 Suzuka 500 km April 12

Assorted photos of 962C-111 (current)





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