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Porsche 956-001

Competition Group: C

Constructed For: Porsche AG (werks) under Rothmans Livery

Ownership History: Porsche AG (1982), Ickx (12/10/86)), Rogers (1994)

Competition Highlights: 1st Silverstone 1982, 1st Norisring 1982

Chassis Notes: 956-001 had many firsts associated with it. It was Porsche's first tub-based chassis, as well as it's first car incorporating ground-effects technology. They had it right the first time, right out of the box, which is amazing in itself. In May of 1982, the first race for the first car, it won the first Group C event at Silverstone driven by Ickx/Bell. It then went to LeMans where it was driven by all Porsche factory team drivers serving as a test car and a spare in case anything untoward happened to 002,003, or 004 in practice. After LeMans and still in June of 1982, it went to the Norrisring where it finished 1st driven by Jochen Mass. After that, it became a test car for for Porsche for future development of all subsequent 956 and 962 cars through 1985. It was then completely refurbished at the factory and given by Dr. Porsche to Jackie Ickx on 12/10/86 as a gift in recognition of Jackie's tremendous contributions.

There are some subtle differences in the chassis (tub) of 001 and those that followed. For one thing, 001 is beefed up and slightly heavier as one might suspect, as a reliability safe guard, and subsequent chassis' were lighter. 001 was also the only one to use Bosch mechanical fuel injection. Later chassis' had continual electronic engine management systems upgrades by Bosch. 001 is also distinguishable in that it used 2 plastic water reservoir tanks to supply the water cooled heads of the 2.65 litre engine, and these tanks are readily visible sitting atop the front end of the engine and are a dead giveaway to the identity of this car when the rear mechanicals are exposed. Another external marking on the nose of the car also readily identifies it in historical pictures-it is the only one where the nose striping extends below the Rothmans logo on the nose.





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