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1988 Nissan GTP ZX-T 8803:

In 1988, Jim Chapman's JC Prototypes built a new chassis, designed by Trevor Harris. Goodyear tires replaced the Bridgestones used during prior seasons. IMSA had introduced new regulations to restrict the tremendous horsepower which was beginning to be seen from the turbo-engined GTP cars. Restrictor plates had to be fitted to engine intakes, IMSA reasoning that the horsepower advantage would now go in the favor of the big American V8s.

Nothing daunted, Don Devendorf built an electronically-controlled turbocharger wastegate into the engine management system. This much-copied wastegate was the key to the team's success. In desperation, in mid-season, IMSA made another rule change, which gave the pushrod cars an extra weight advantage but it made little difference.

Nissan dominated IMSA racing in 1988, much to the dismay of the newly-arrived TWR Jaguars. Knowing that their strength lay in the shorter sprint races, Electramotive avoided the early races at Daytona and Sebring. But after that, Geoff Brabham, using the new chassis, won almost every race, taking nine wins (including eight in a row), usually partnered by John Morton. Nissan won the manufacturers title and Geoff Brabham became the IMSA GTP Drivers Champion.

1989 was very much a repeat of 1988. A second Chapman chassis had been built and delivered to Electramotive. The opposition was in disarray, as Porsche were now fading from the scene with the 962, Jaguar were developing their new XJR-10 V6 turbo and Dan Gurney's Eagle Toyotas were still on the learning curve. Nissan and Brabham were champions again.

IMSA GTP Race Results:

Portland - John Morton #84, 2nd
Tampa - Geoff Brabham #83, 1st

Daytona 24 - Robinson,Brabham, Luyendyk, #83, 27th
Miami GP - Brabham, #83, 1st
Sebring - Robinson, Luyendyk, Brabham, #84, 52nd
Road Atlanta - Robinson, Brabham, #83, 1st
Mid Ohio - Brabham, #83, 1st
Elkhart Lake - Brabham, #83, 1st
Portland - Robinson, #84, 3rd
Topeka - Luyendyk, #84, 1st
Sears Point - Brabham, #83, 1st
Del Mar - Brabham, #83, 2nd

1990 (sold to Jim Busby)
Daytona 24 - Paul, Jr., Cogan, Baldi, #67, 25th
Miami GP - Paul, Jr., Cogan, #67, 2nd
Sebring 12 - Paul, Jr., Cogan, #67, 5th
Road Atlanta - Paul, Jr. #67, 15th
West Palm Beach - Cogan, Paul, Jr. #67, 5th
Topeka - Cogan, Paul, Jr. #67, 7th
Lime Rock - Cogan, Paul, Jr. #67, 13th
Mid Ohio - Cogan, Paul, Jr. #67, DNF (transmission)
Watkins Glen - Paul, Jr., Villeneuve #67, 14th
Sears Point - Paul, Jr., Villeneuve #67, 7th
Portland - Paul, Jr. #67, 5th
Road America - Paul, Jr. #67, 5th
San Antonio - Paul, Jr. #67, 9th
Tampa - Paul, Jr. #67, 3th
Del Mar - Paul, Jr. #67, 3th

Geoff Brabham, IMSA Drivers Championship - 1988 & 1989
Nissan, IMSA Manufacturers Championship - 1988, 1989, & 1990


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