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Ferrari 333SP Chassis 001, Engine 001::

History will likely look back on the Ferrari 333SP as the car that saved modern sports car racing. The demise of the GTP cars and the chaos that followed left an incredible void that only one of the world's truly great constructors could fill.

Ferrari set the mold for open top prototypes and in the subsequent years has amassed an enviable record, competing successfully for nearly a decade after its introduction in 1994 - a record rivaled only by the Porsche 956/962 (introduced a decade earlier).

This example was the working prototype and first of the initial 15 Series One 333SP Sports Prototype Racers. Interestingly, it is the only 333SP actually constructed by Ferrari. The construction of the 14 remaining Series One cars was contracted to Dallara and the construction of all Series Two cars was performed by Michelotto.

The engine, also number 001, is believed to be the only 333SP powerplant that matches its chassis.

Current Specifications:

Engine: 65 degree V12, normally aspirated, DOHC, 5 valves per cylinder (original large-valve unrestricted F1 configuration)
Displacement: 3997 cc
Horsepower: over 750 bhp @ 11,000 rpm
Torque: 380 lbft @ 9000 rpm
Gearbox: Ferrari sequential 6-speed gearbox, carbon fibre clutch
Steering: rack and pinion

double wishbone, pushrod operated coilspring/dampner unit,
Rear: double wishbone, pushrod operated coilspring/dampner unit.
Wheels: magnesium alloy; front 16 in. x 12in.,
Rear 16 in. x 14.5 in.
Brakes: carbon/carbon, front: 355 mm / 14.0 in., rear 355mm / 14.0 in
Dimensions: length 4502 mm, width: 1994 mm, height: 1067 mm, wheelbase: 2794 mm, track front: 1686 mm, track rear: 1597 mm Weight: 889 kgs.
Tank capacity: 70-100 liters

Chassis 001 History:

1993 & 1994: constructed as the prototype at Maranello. Crashed at Mugello during initial testing by Mauro Baldi. Completely rebuilt by Ferrari and designated as the first production car in the 333 series (chassis 001).

1994: retained as a test and development car by Scuderia Ferrari.

1994/Oct.: crashed by Jay Cochran in Mugello testing accident sustaining only minor damage. Rebuilt by Ferrari and sold as new to Matsuda Museum in Japan for $1.9 million.

1997: Sold to Symbolic Motors then sold to Carlos Monteverde in London, England where the car remained in storage unused until offered by Talacrest.

1999/Sept.: Sold back to Matsuda.

2001/Sept.: Suffered minor (left front) damaged at Suzuka in testing accident (never completing its first lap).

2002: purchased by White Shoes Racing and restored to late 333SP specifications.

2002/Nov: Competes in the final professional outing for the 333SP - the Rolex Series Finale at Daytona International Speedway with drivers Jackson and van Schoote.




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