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Lola T600 Chassis HU3

The sole example built and retained by Lola and entered throughout the 1981 F.I.A. Manufacturer’s / Driver’s Championship Season.

Lola constructed 12 examples of the T600 with chassis T600-HU3 being the sole example built with a four-Cam Cosworth / Ford engine. The other eleven examples were fitted with a variety of engines depending on customer requirement and requests. All but two other examples were fitted with 5-7 or 6.0-liter “push-rod” Chevrolet engines.

One example was fitted with a Turbocharged Porsche engine and another with a Turbocharged BMW engine. Neither was very successful and in the case of the Porsche-engined example, a Ford engine was soon substituted.

Chassis T600-HU3 was quite successful and earned Lola significant respect throughout the 1981 Season. Being one of the first true formula one inspired “ground effects” Sports-Prototypes its success was quite profound and led to a full revolution in race car designed. Most notably, Porsche gave up any further development of their all conquering space-frame 936 and instead built their own version of the T600 fitted with the previous season’s 2.65-liter twin-turbo flat-six.

With chassis T600-HU3, Lola revolutionized racing in a single season. For that one shining Summer, one car had it right. This unfair advantage would last only a year, with Porsche quickly emerging supreme once again.

Built in early April 1981, the known race results of chassis T600-HU3 are as follows:

4/12/81 6-Hours of Mugello, DNS
4/26/81 6-Hours of Monza, DNF
5/10/81 6-Hours of Silverstone, DNF
5/24/81 1000kms Nurburgring, class win
6/13/81 24-Hours Le Mans, 3rd in class
6/28/81 6-Hours of Enna, Overall Winner
9/27/81 1000kms Brands Hatch, Overall Winner


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