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1999 Panoz LMP-01 Chassis 01::

IMSA Championship and Petit Lemans Winner

The life of this extraordinary racer began as the brainchild of Dr. Don Panoz. Looking to promote his son, Danny's, growing automobile business (Danny produces the Panoz Eserante) Dr. Don commissioned the development of a world-class front engine racer.

At first appearing to be a bit of a throwback, the Reynard-built chassis excelled from the moment it hit the track. In its first form, chassis 001 took on Germany's finest and dominated US and international GT competition.

With the move to the LMP-900 class in 1999, team Panoz converted the GTR-1 Coupe to roadster with the new designation Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S. It was in this form that chassis 001 achieved it finest moments, taking overall honors at the 1999 Petit Lemans as well as 1999 IMSA Team and Manufacturer titles.

Most recently, chassis 001 served as 'the hit of the show' at this year's 12 Hours of Sebring. With its regulation OD brown paint the Panoz served as the perfect tribute to Hendricks Field and Sebring's 50th anniversary. The cars has also continued to show its formidable speed - proving more than competitive despite running without the Michelin tires for which its suspension was designed.

Chassis 01 Competition History:

Ran successfully as one of the dominant GTR-1 Coupes before conversion to roadster form.

1999 Season:
LeMans 24, Brabham/Bernard/Leitzinger, #12, 7th
Road Atlanta, Brabham/Bernard, #12, 5th
Mosport, Brabham/Bernard, #1, 2nd
Sears Point, Brabham/Bernard, #1, 2nd
Portland, Brabham/Bernard, #1, 1st
Petit LeMans, Brabham/Bernard/Wallace, #1, 1st
Laguna Seca, Brabham/Bernard, #1, 8th
Las Vegas, Brabham/Bernard, #1, 20th (engine)

Winner of the IMSA Makes Championship
Winner of the IMSA Team Championship
2nd in Driver Championship - David Brabham

2000 Season:
LeMans 24 Hours, Tsuchiya/Kondou/Iida, #22, 8th
ELMS, competed successfully in European series

2001 Season:
Panoz Motorsports Test Car

2002 Season:
Sebring 12 Hours, Jackson/Jeannette/Block, 36th (brakes)


Chassis: Carbon fiber monocoque
Weight: 900kg (class minimum weight)

Wheelbase: 108.2 inches
Length: 183 inches
Width: 78.6 inches
Height: 42.1 inches
Front Track: 64.8 inches
Rear Track: 63.2 inches

Suspension: Independent wishbone, pushrod
Shocks: Penske 3-way adjustable
Tires: Michelin Pilot Radials

Front Brakes: AP 6-pot 2-pad caliper on Carbone Industries 390mm vented carbon disc
Rear Brakes: AP 6-pot 2-pad caliper on Carbone Industries 320mm vented carbon disc

Engine: Elan Motorsports Ford aluminum block OHV V-8
Displacement: 6.0 liters
Horsepower: over 650
over 540 lb. ft. (rumored to be over 700)

Induction System: Zytek Cross-ram fuel injection
Spark Plugs: Bosch
Transmission: Panoz/X-trac 6 speed sequential

Acceleration: 2.28 seconds 0-60, 4.44 seconds 0-100, [email protected] 1/4 mile
Braking: 80-0 in 161 feet

Available for purchase: $995,000 USD

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