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1997 McLaren F1-GTR Longtail::

F1-GTR Chassis 19R, Longtail Chassis 1

The GTR Longtail was the ultimate extension of the greatest supercar of all time - four inches wider, 23 inches longer (for improved aerodynamics), and over 300 pounds lighter than the original 1995 cars race cars and over 800 pounds lighter than the road cars.

This car, chassis 19R, was the first of the 1997 specification longtails. Since it was the first of its type, 19R wasn't immediately dispatched to a customer team. Instead, for a time, it was retained by McLaren as a development / prototype unit in order to test all the evolutionary ideas eventually embodied in the subsequent six 1997 GTR's.

Eventually, 19R was sold to a leading Japanese team and made its competition debut at the 1997 FIA GT Suzuka 1000 Kilometer race. Entered by Team Goh, finished 9th overall, driven by M. Sekiya, A. Nakaya and K. Tsuchiya.

19R went on to compete until 2001 achieving an overall victory in the Japanese GT Championship and three consecutive podium finishes in the prestigious Suzuka 1000.

A few interesting facts...

-Only seven 1997 F1 GTR Longtail racecars were built. Total production of 1995-97 GTR racecars numbered 28 (including the longtails). McLaren built 72 F1 road cars (64 standard F1's, 5 F1 LM's and 3 F1 GT's). 100 McLaren F1s were built in total.

-The 1997 F1 GTR Longtail racecars were about 23" longer than the 1995 and 1996 F1 GTR Short-tail racecars. The length of the rear bodywork is increased about 20", while the front bodywork is about 2.5" longer. The wheelbase is only about 0.2" longer.

-The front track is about 2.5" wider and the rear track is nearly 4" wider than the original F1 GTR. Despite these larger dimensions, the 1997 GTR is more than 200 lbs. lighter than the 1996 version and nearly 300 lbs. lighter than the 1995 racing edition.


Chassis: Carbon fiber monocoque
Weight: 908kg

Wheelbase: 107 inches
Length: 191.8 inches
Width: 75.7 inches
Height: 44.9 inches
Front Track: 63 inches
Rear Track: 62 inches

Suspension: Independent wishbone, pushrod

Engine: BMW/McLaren V-12
Displacement: 6.0 liters
Horsepower: over 630 @ 7500 rpm
over 480 lb. ft. @ 5600 rpm

Transmission: 6 speed sequential

The engine in 19R has about 5,000 kilometers. Amazingly the BMW-McLaren 6.0 liter race motors are good for 10,000 kilometers (or substantially more if not pushed to their limit). All of the spares maintained by the race team are also available.


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