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Lotus 98T Formula One::
Chassis 98T/3

Constructors: Team Lotus International
Designer: Gerard Decarouge
Engine: Renault 1.5 liter EF-15
Performance: 1,225 Horsepower at 13,500 RPM

This is the only running Grand Prix winning Senna car in private hands. It was originally purchased directly from Peter Warr of Team Lotus. After a thorough rebuild, Renault factory engineers prepared the engine and other mechanicals prior to being tested by Nelson Piquet and given a race-ready bill of health.

Results: Ayrton Senna, Lotus 98T chassis 98T/3

1986 Brazilian GP Pole 2nd
1986 Spanish GP Pole 1st
1986 San Marino GP Pole DNF (wheel bearing)
1986 Monaco GP 3rd
1986 Belgium GP 2nd
1986 Canadian GP 5th
1986 Detroit GP Pole 1st
1986 French GP Pole DNF

From the British Grand Prix onwards Senna used Lotus chassis 98T/4

This is truly one of the most significant Formula One cars ever available to the private collector.


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