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1975 Porsche RSR 3.0::

Chassis No: 911 560 9114
Engine No: 685 0129
Color: White
First delivered to: Peter Gregg/Brumos Racing 10-11-74

This 1975 3.0L Carrera RSR was ordered by Peter Gregg from Porsche's racing development group at Weissach. It was one of the last RSR Carreras ever completed by the factory. Between 1976 and 1979 this specially-built Weissach 3.0L RSR driven by Jim Busby and Dave Cowart amassed seventeen IMSA podium finishes including eight overall and class wins and the 1978 IMSA GTO Championship. Additionally, it had twenty other top-ten finishes captured at every major road racing venue and endurance event within North America.

911 560 9114 was delivered with the culmination of experience that both the Weissach racing engineers and the Brumos Racing Team had acquired over the past two and a half years since Gregg had first raced a Porsche RSR. This special Carrera is documented in Karl Ludwigsen's book, "Excellence Was Expected" and is one of the few "customer" Carreras to be so featured. In that narrative Peter Gregg describes 9114 as "definitely the lightest and best-handling Carrera we ever had".

911 560 9114 was built by the Zuffenhausen customer services department for Peter Gregg and at his request. It was constructed using special 934 pre-production components such as rear trailing suspension arms made of aluminum, extra-thin body panels (for lightness), a 934 style fuel cell, a front-mounted oil tank, plus a one-off fabricated titanium spool for the 915 transaxle. Once completed, 9114 was delivered to Peter Gregg at Brumos Racing in October of 1974.

For it's very first race, the Daytona Finale in November of 1975, Gregg had Carl Schafer, the "big block" Camaro specialist, drive the car and it finished in eleventh place.

For 1976, Peter Gregg drove the Brumos-entered BMW CSL's but hedged his team's bets by having Jim Busby drive 9114 on a bonus scheme whereby Busby was rewarded with prize money the higher he placed in the races. Busby did very well with 9114, scoring four outright victories in Camel GT events (Ontario, Sears Point, Mid-Ohio, and Laguna Seca), as well as three third and one second place overall finishes. It has been said that Peter Gregg complained that Busby was earning more money than he was that year.

At the end of 1976, Jim Busby sold 9114 to Charles Mendez, the Sebring 12-Hour race promoter. Mendez raced the car just twice, (Sebring and Road Atlanta), before selling the RSR to his friend Dave Cowart of Tampa, FL. Mendez sold the RSR because he had bought an ex-Dick Barbour Racing Porsche 934 ½ and no longer had a use for 9114.

Dave Cowart raced 9114 in IMSA events for the next two and a half years, winning the GTO class outright in 1978 and placing fourth in the GTO Championship in 1979. As he was expecting a new BMW M1 for 1980, he sold the now aging RSR to Jim Mullen who raced the Carrera at Sebring and Riverside. It failed to finish at both venues due to engine failure caused by a collapsed main oil feed line which wasn't discovered until years later when the car was dismantled. This saga is documented in the August 1990 issue of Excellence magazine. Jim Mullen replaced the Carrera with a Mazda, ultimately selling 9114 to Bill Currie of Harvard MA in 1981.

Bill Currie, partnered with Bud Lyons, directed a total restoration on the RSR. This Carrera was only been seen in public twice between the completion of its restoration in 1994 and 2001. It was first displayed at the 1994 Porsche Parade in Lake Placid, NY. Four years later it was presented with the Brumos Porsche display at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance for Porsche's 50th Anniversary celebration. At both events it was exhibited in Brumos Porsche livery bearing a number "59" placard, not the correct number "61" as it was raced by Jim Busby under Brumos/Mitcom sponsorship in 1976. Jim Busby was reunited with his RSR in July of 2001 when he piloted 9114 during the Porsche Rennsport Reuion at Limerock Park. This distinctive RSR is currently owned by Lee Giannone and is participating in vintage racing exhibitions and concours events.

Documented Competition History:

11/30: Daytona Finale: Carl Schafer, #24: 11thOA

Sold to Jim Busby and partially sponsored by Brumos and Mitcom for the 1976 season.

IMSA Camel GT events:

1-1/2: Daytona 24-Hours: Busby/Haywood, #61: 3rd
3/20: Sebring 12-Hours: Busby/Schafer, #61; 8th
4/11: Road Atlanta: Busby, #61; DNF
5/02: Laguna Seca: Busby, # 61: 5th
5/09: Ontario: Busby, #61: 1st OA
5/31: Lime Rock: Busby, #61; 3rd
6/05: Mid-Ohio: Busby, #61: 3rd
7/04: Daytona: Busby, #61; 4th
7/25: Sears Point: Busby, #61: 1st
8/07: Talladega: Busby, #61: 8th
8/15: Pocono: Busby, #61: 4th
8/29: Mid-Ohio: Busby, #61; 1st
9/19: Road Atlanta: Busby, #61; 2nd
10/3: Laguna Seca; Busby, #61; 1st

3/19: Sebring 12-Hours: Mendez/Cowart, #07; 10th
4/17: Road Atlanta: C. Mendez, #07; 10th

Sold to Dave Cowart
5/15: Mid-America: Cowart, #07; 7th
5/30: Lime Rock: C.Mendez, #07; 11th
6/05: Mid-Ohio: D. Cowart, #07; 10th
8/28: Mid-Ohio 3-Hours; Cowart/Mendez, #07; 6th
9/05: Road Atlanta: Cowart, #07; 11th
11/27: Daytona 250: Cowart, #07; 53rd NR

1978: Running in the GTO class
2/4-5: Daytona 24-Hours: Cowart/C. Mendez/Castellano; 36th NR
3/18: Sebring 12-Hours: Cowart/Craw/Castellano; 28th NR
4/16: Road Atlanta: Cowart, #07; 13th/4th
4/30: Laguna Seca: Cowart; 12th/3rd
5/07: Hallett: Cowart, #07; 9th/5th
5/29: Lime Rock: Cowart, #07; 10th/2nd
6/17: Brainerd: Cowart, #07; 8th/1st
7/04: Daytona: Cowart/C. Mendez, #07; 40th NR
7/30: Sears Point: Cowart; 16th/8th
8/06: Portland: Cowart, #07; 8th/1st
8/27: Mid-Ohio: Cowart; /de Narvaez, #07; 7th/1st
9/04: Road Atlanta 100 Miles: Cowart, #07: 10th/3rd
11/26: Daytona Finale: Cowart/Meister, #07; 14th/6th

Dave Cowart was the overall winner of the GTO Championship.

1979: GTO Class
2/3-4: Daytona 24-Hours: Cowart/McLain/Miller, #07; 60th/22nd
3/16-17: Sebring 12-Hours: Cowart/McLain/Miller, #07; 14th/6th
4/08: Road Atlanta: Cowart, #07; 12th/5th
4/22: Los Angeles Times GP, Riverside: Cowart, #07; 7th OA/1st
4/29: Laguna Seca: Cowart, #07; 11th/5th
5/13: Hallett: Cowart, #07; 9th/2nd
5/28: Lime Rock: Cowart, #07: 7th OA/2nd
6/17: Brainerd: Cowart, #07; DNS. (Acc. in practice)
7/04: Daytona: Cowart, #07; 18th OA/7th
7/15: Mid-Ohio: Cowart/Miller, #07; 39th NR
7/29: Sears Point: Cowart; 10th/4th
8/05: Portland: Cowart; #07; 20th/10th
1979: IMSA GTO Championship: 4th

Sold to Jim Mullen

3/22: Sebring 12-Hours: J. Mullen/P.Fassler/C. Siebert, #06; 45th NR
4/27: Riverside LA Times G.P: P. Fassler/J. Mullen, #06; 42nd NR

August : Sold to Bill Currie / Bud Lyons

February: Sold to Lee Giannone
July: Porsche Rennsport Reunion - Limerock Park, CT
Driven by Jim Busby

February: Rolex Legends of Daytona - Daytona International Speedway

Documented Ownership Lineage:

Peter Gregg (1975)
Jim Busby (1976)
Charles Mendez (1977 through April)
Dave Cowart (May 1977 through 1979)
Jim Mullen (1979)
Bill Currie /
Bud Lyons (1981)
Lee Giannone (2001)

Recent Mechanical Enhancements:


Gunnar Porsche Racing: Complete mechanical assessment and assembly
(not a complete listing):

· Install 3.0L motor and suspension
· Disassemble inspect & reinstall transmission
· Evaluate and reinstall original fire system
· Replace fuel pumps
· Replace alternator
· Rebuild vintage spark boxes with Permetune system


KlubSport Racing: Preparation for Vintage Competition
(not a complete listing):

· Replicate vintage aluminum "safety" cage with proper steel.
· Complete fuel delivery system evaluation.
· Dyno motor evaluation program at Renntech.
· Original RSR mechanical fuel injection pump remanufactured by Pacific Fuel Injection.
· Remachine original slide throttle intakes.


--- SOLD ---



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