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Porsche 917-01-021::
1971 Interserie Championship Winning 917 Spyder

At the end of the 1970 season, the Finnish AAW team acquired a second 917 chassis from the Porsche factory. Using parts from their 917K (917-021), the team assembled a 917 spyder for use in the European Interserie championship.

Three Porsche 917 spyders ran in the 1971 Interserie races; all of which were based on the earlier 917PA, though with some modifications such as a strengthened frame, a larger engine (5.4 litre), and minor aerodynamic enhancements.

917-01-021, and the AAW driver Leo Kinnunen, was consistently faster than the other Porsches and although he only won one Interserie race outright, he scored enough points to take the 1971 title. The other Porsche 917s finished 3rd and 6th in the series. Other cars competing that year included the Can-Am McLarens, the BRM, and a number of Ferrari.

In 1999, Kevin Jeannette of Gunnar Racing, undertook a nearly two year reconstruction of 01-021, removing years of race damage (and bondo layers), and restoring the car’s mechanical systems.

Technical Specifications:

Chassis: Welded aluminum space frame chassis (weight, 120 pounds). Fiberglass outer shell bonded to chassis to increase overall rigidity. Chassis tubes used to carry from cooler to engine.

Engine: 5.4 litre, air cooled cylinders and heads, twelve cylinder boxer. Four valves per cylinder. Over 660 bhp.

Transmission: Fully synchronized 4 speeds plus reverse.

Brakes: Porsche vented dual circuit discs with dual calipers. Dry Weight: Approximately 1700 pounds.

Performance: Top Speed – over 230 miles per hour.

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The Only Remaining Interserie 917 Spyders


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