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Porsche 917-015::

Daytona: the 917's First Major Victory

Beginning the year with a victory at Daytona, the 917 went on to win seven out of ten rounds of the World Championship of Makes. Porsche went on to dominate the 1971 season and the Can-Am series the year after that. By the end of 1973, the 917 had established itself as the most dominant, and awesome, sports car of all time.

one of the original series of 25 cars built in 1969, 917-015 was assigned to John Wyer as a factory-backed Gulf-Porsche Team car. Together with 013 and 014, 015 was taken to Daytona to compete in the season opening 24 Hours of Daytona.

Driven primarily by Leo Kinnunen and Pedro Rodriguez (and Brian Redman for one stint) 015 scored Porsches first win on the way to that glorious championship year.

The car's next appearance was Sebring where it served in the 'T' car role as it did for the following three events. At Watkins Glen, however, 015 was to run one last time as a coupe under the capable hands of Brian Redman during the following day's Can-Am event (where it finished 7th).

Returned to the factory at the end of the 1970 season, the 015 chassis was reconfigured as a spyder for use in the 1971 Interserie Championship by the Finnish AAW team. AAW, who already owned 917-021 requested and was assigned the chassis number 917-01-021 (the only such 917 chassis number). 015, now 01-021, went on to win the 1971 championship with Daytona pilot Leo Kinnunen driving.

After retirement, the car was passed among several collectors including several years in the Harrah Automobile Collection. In 1997, the car was purchased by Mr. Rober Rapp in consultation with reknowned Porsche restorer Kevin Jeannette who uncovered the cars heritage (both through physical evidence and intensive research).

Over the following two years, the car was restored to its original glory with the proud Gulf colors and split windscreen unique to the Daytona racers. Since the car has been lovingly maintained, run in several historic exhibitions, and competed in (and won) significant concours events.

Technical Specifications:

Chassis: Welded aluminum tube frame chassis with fiberglass body panels bonded to the chassis for increased rigidity.
Engine: 4,998cc displacement, air cooled cylinders and heads, twelve cylinder boxer. Four valves per cylinder. Over 630 bhp.
Transmission: Fully synchronized 5 speeds plus reverse.
Brakes: ATE vented 12-inch dual circuit discs with dual calipers.
Steering: Rack and pinion, right hand drive.

Wheels: 15"x15" rear, 10.5" x 15" front
Dimensions: Length – 162.2”, Width 78.”, Height – 37”, Wheelbase – 90.6”
Weight: 1,763 pounds
Performance: Top Speed – over 240 miles per hour.

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