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2001 G-Force Formula Nippon Chassis 01::

The ultimate combination of performance, reliability, and safety (=FUN!).

The 2001 G-Force represents the state of the art in F3000-based cars. Because of the more relaxed aerodynamic and engine regulations, plus the ability of individual teams to modify their cars, the Formula Nippon cars are significantly more developed than their European cousins.


Chassis: Carbon fiber monocoque
Weight: 625kg Including Driver (1,378 pounds)

Wheelbase: 113 inches
Length: 174 inches
Width: 79 inches
Height: 37 inches

Suspension: Independent wishbone, pushrod

Engine: Mugen/Honda V-8
Displacement: 3.0 liters
Horsepower: estimated 500hp @ 9,000 rpm

Transmission: 5 speed sequential

Available for purchase: SOLD
Includes substantial spares inventory (wheels, gears, bodywork, etc.)





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