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2006 Daytona 24 Historics::

 More photos at Gunnar Racing >>>

The 'Master' (Kevin) inspecting his work

The Master and 'Other Master' (Andy) inspecting their work
The Lowenbrau 962 ready to rock!
Off we go...
We had such great fun running with Gunnar and the G99

Turbos are wonderful things

Nothing could be better - 962-HR1, great friends, new Daytona infield, great weather, the 24...

Back into the 'Fan Zone'

The Jeannettes - motorsport's greatest family, IMHO (in my humble opinion)

Wayne, Gunner and Joseph (the Camel). One is the 'Hottest', one is the 1985 IMSA Champion, and the other... well... isn't

Jesea and Dad (thank goodness for maternal genes!)

Joseph (1985 IMSA Championship Trophy) back at home - on top of the world again!





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