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2004 Sebring HSR::

The Lowenbrau 962 passed 13 cars in the 6 lap qualifying race!

Wayne hammering toward the famed Sebring 'Bridge Turn'

Team wins again! Thanks to Hudson Historics for the great support.

Formula Cars ROCK! The G-Force F3000 set fastest lap of the event

The G-Force snaking through the esses - yeeehaaa!

Wayne leading a group into turn 1 (courtesy Gordon Jolley)

Taking the lead (for good) in the formula car race (courtesy Gordon Jolley)

Open-top cars kick major butt! (courtesy Gordon Jolley)

Gunnar smokin' some of the top GTP cars! (courtesy Gordon Jolley)

If you see these in your mirrors, watch out!

Gunnar and the Panoz (aka 'Mighty Beast') leading the field in the GTP Enduro

A living legend (the car, that is) on the move... (courtesy Gordon Jolley)

Photographer Nick warming up for action

Trackside, catching all of the great machinery at Sebring

Hardware 'Sampler' from the Finale. Thanks HSR!!!




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