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2004 Rennsport II at Daytona International::

Gmund Cup race photos >>>
concour photos >>>

Mike Levitas in the scary-fast 'Cat-Dog' actually led the 962 race for a couple of laps

Testing one of my all-time favorites - the 966. Thanks Mark & Steve!

Testing another favorite (917-01-021) for current owner Chris Cox

JR and Wayne lined up for Sunday morning warmup

JR showing a good line through the International Horseshoe

JR & Wayne doing some lead-follow practice on Sunday morning

A virgin no more! JR (green #125) makes his first Daytona start

A neat perspective of Nascar 3 from the bottom of the track

The daytona start-finish and tri-oval. In the Panoz, we'd be going over 100 yards per second now (210mph) and preparing to brake at the 100 marker




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